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Pampering and loving care for your pet who deserves the best


Stress free grooming in the comfort of YOUR home. No kennels, no other yappy dogs, no disturbances.

Depending on services requested, length of appointments will vary. Once the service is complete, the owner will be notified.     

Grooming can be done in the house wherever the owner prefers (bathroom, kitchen, or garage). I provide my own towels and shampoo. All I need is some good lighting, an outlet, and some cleaning equipment (broom/pan or vacuum) for when the grooming is finished.

Full Grooming:

Includes a full cut, bath, brush, full dry, ear cleaning, and nail trim.

Specialized breed cuts available.

                                                     New prices

Prices:                                            (eff 3/1/23)                      

                               W/o bath/haircut            Full Grooming                           

Small dog                        $50-60                         $70

Medium dog                    $60-70                         $80

Large dog                       $70-90                         $95+

X-Large dog                    $90-110                        $120+


A la Carte:                                                      

Flea & Tick Bath                                                 $15

Nail Trim                                                           $15

Ear Cleaning                                                      $10


(An additional charge may be added to your total depending on

the size of pet and severity of the matting.)      $10 - $15

+$15 travel fee if outside of Fremont, Union City, and Newark.

Email: to schedule a grooming appointment.
Servicing between Hayward to Milpitas.

You would think that an All-American short hair cat from the pound does not need a groomer. Well, my Inky begs to differ as he is a 20-1/2 year old cat on hospice care at home. We are so glad that Jaclyn is available to come to our home to give him a monthly grooming. Jaclyn is calm, patient, and thorough; with very little complaint, Inky lets her do her things. Jaclyn is adding to his quality of life.  We hope he will live long enough to get into the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest living cat.

                                                                                                          — John and Stella Fong

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