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Daycare for Dogs

Pampering and loving care for your pet who deserves the best

Pet owners love Fuzzy Comfort. While you’re at work or away on a trip, we will make sure your furry friend is safe, happy and having fun.

We provide feedin and potty breaks. Our goal is to improve your pet’s socialization skills and enhance their quality of life.

Email to schedule drop-ins for your pet.

Why Choose Daycare?

Do you feel nervous about leaving your pet at a boarding facility or the thought that your little one could be stuck in a kennel all day? 

If so, we can help you and your furry friend because we believe at Fuzzy Comfort that choosing Daycare alleviates your stress and improves your pet’s overall well-being. Just one to two drop-in visits can make a big difference in your furry friends' day. 

Daycare/Drop-In Rates

Drop-in Visits     30 min. check-in +walk       $20/visit

New price for drop-in (eff 1/1/19)                  $30/visit

Miss Jaclyn Leong fostered my malti-poo from 2008-2009. She was always accountable & went above & beyond to make sure my dog was safe and happy. She kept him until I received a necessary surgery. Without Jaclyn, none of it would have been possible. Those were hard times for me & I'm so grateful that she was there for my dog, Tidbit and I.                            —Stacey Arwen Raab

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